Green Panther

The biggest threat to our future generation is the belief that someone else will save the planet.

Jayson Ho Jie An

The Green Activist

We all try to make a difference in our community, be it big or small. And as an environmentalist, Jayson Ho Jie An decides to go real big and green! Throwing full belief and dedication towards the environment’s preservation, Jayson hopes to create a world where humans and the natural ecological system live in harmonious balance.

Do Green

Just like his mission to nature, Jayson’s charming and friendly personality has contributed to his employees and clients’ positive and genuine relationships. He believes that it is only necessary to cultivate the community back as a leading figure to generate more role models. Therefore, Jayson isn’t shy when it comes to sharing advice for the betterment of others and, mostly, nature. He has influenced people to take the right path towards preserving the environment and has taught many the proper ways of recycling. 

Portrait Image of Jayson Ho Jie An

Humility is the Basis of All Qualities

Anyone can love a rose, but it takes a lot to love a leaf. It is not easy to accept the ordinary, especially when making mistakes. For Jayson, he embraces his errors and isn’t afraid to admit to them. This remarkable factor is what shed light on his success. 

He, in turn, receives much strength and contribution from the people around him. Not forgetting to show appreciation, Jayson dedicates time to motivate them to strive higher while encouraging others to do the same.

Portrait Image of Jayson Ho Jie An

“Our Local Hero”

Jayson’s achievements and outstanding leadership qualities are worthy of emulation. His passion for the environment is something that I admire, and I believe that he will achieve more extraordinary things soon. As long as he goes green, he will continue to grow.

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