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Lim Chin Hau

The Greatest Ability Is Dependability

Reliability is the catalyst of an infrangible partnership. Being the Executive Director of Medicap, Lim Chin Hau believes that being dependable can lead to the success of his business. His responsible attitude towards his endeavours has garnered the trust of his peers as they are able to rely on him in their time of need.

Portrait Image of Lim Chin Hau

Two Steps Ahead

Mr Lim has an outstanding ability to always see the bigger picture. Being a spearhead of modern medicine requires him to constantly reinvent himself and his business. He is continuously reengineering his business model to integrate new practices and systems into healthcare institutions. For Mr Lim, staying ahead of the game is an elaborate way to keep him relevant in the industry.

As a very detail oriented person, Mr Lim knows the ins and outs of not only his business but also the industry as a whole. Thus, this allows him to proactively improve operational strategies, ensuring all weaknesses are converted into strengths. An advocate for perfectionism, Mr Lim strives to provide only the best for his patients.

To Teach Is to Learn Twice Over

A fantastic quality that is often overshadowed by his other traits when it comes to Mr Lim is how liberal he can get while imparting his knowledge. Many instances can be recounted of him extending words of guidance and encouragement towards others. His selflessness knows no bounds as he not only nurtures but also wishes to inspire. It is his belief that helping others is a stepping stone towards maturity.

Team Image of Lim Chin Hau

“Your Wisdom Is Always Valued”

Mr Lim can be summarised as a man that is very generous with his time and knowledge. He takes pride in being relied on by others. As a person who has also sought his guidance, I believe he is a great mentor to those that pursue him.

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