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Fui Chong

A Harbinger of Change

Although trophy-making companies are relatively mainstream, what Fui Chong had in mind was to innovate and turn things around. This led to him forming Nilai Crystal in 2012, where he conceptualises and builds high-quality, premium trophies designed to imprint a lasting, indelible memory. 

By incorporating glass and crystal materials into his product lines, he can cater to a broader spectrum of customers eager to have their achievements acknowledged in the form of trophies and medals.

Company of Fui Chong

An Admirer for Delicateness

What makes Fui Chong unique is his eye for even the most minute of details. His tender care for subtle detail allows him to personalise each trophy piece according to customers’ preferences to create something meaningful and memorable.

To complement this, he possesses an exceptional level of self-discipline and sensitivity to customers’ demands which propels him to consistently deliver great value and satisfaction. Furthermore, he upholds his integrity by not compromising on quality, ensuring that only the highest quality materials are used to produce his products.

Company Image of Fui Chong

Understanding the Eyes of the Beholder

Given the industry’s competitiveness, Fui Chong understands the importance of articulating a coherent vision for his team and making effective decisions. He has the skills to effectively communicate his vision across, leaving no one astray. Moreover, he is also very supportive, ensuring everyone’s welfare is well taken care of.

The young entrepreneur truly shines through his ability to infuse energy, passion, and commitment into the company overall, which is essential for continuous growth in the long run. Under his leadership, the company has achieved a new milestone with the tallest and heaviest trophy ever made, officially recognised by The Malaysia Book of Records.

Portrait Image of Fui Chong

“Your presence inspires us all”

In spite of all your achievements, you remain humble and polite, something that I find commendable. Not to mention that you are a good-looking man too! So continue to be an inspiration for us all, and you will find yourself flourishing and unlocking another new milestone ahead.

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