The Believer of Unity

Remain calm and collected, then one shall see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ong Hang Ping

Ripples of a Solid First Impression

Being the CEO of his company, Mr. Ong Hang Ping appears to others as an outspoken, confident and straightforward man. At least, those were the vibes that he projected during the very first meeting we shared in 2020, when Christmas was just around the corner.

Instead of beating around the bush, he appreciates conversations and discussions that are on point, and well-backed with facts. After all, being an entrepreneur who is previously trained as an engineer, it is no wonder that he has the solid technical expertise to lead his team.

Ong Hang Ping Photo 2

Forget Finger-Pointing, Finding Solutions Is the Real Deal

Confident, charming, determined and responsible: these are the qualities that define who Mr. Ong is. When it comes to work, he is surely able to give his all thanks to his unparalleled commitment to the job.

Mr. Ong has the tendency to focus on crafting solutions, ensuring that the company’s goals to combat climate issues like global warming are not sidelined. To do this, he ensures that his team remains as a united front, echoing a shared sentiment for a better change.

He does not focus solely on the problems that arise, nor does he find fault in others or play the blame game. Ultimately it is always easy to point fingers at others, but that act alone is not going to get the job done, and he understands that very well.

For Mr. Ong, what matters most is the underlying process required to dig out the right solutions, from beneath the sands of uncertainty that can resolve an issue, no matter how serious it appears to be. Together with his partner, Charlie, they both make a good team, and they complement each other like a pair of gloves, thanks to their technical expertise and shared vision.

Team Image of Ong Hang Ping

Staying Unflustered in the Midst of Hardships

There was an instance which required the team to urgently make a decision and come up with a solution in less than 24 hours. This came out of the blue. Despite being under pressure, Mr. Ong was able to keep his cool and he gave his utmost priority on resolving the issue.

While the clock continued to tick, he handled it professionally by first analysing the full picture of the problem, and subsequently, he took prompt action to resolve it without hesitation. From that incident alone, it is apparent to others that those qualities were well reflected in his character.

Portrait Image of Ong Hang Ping

“Persistence will bring you greater success in life”

If one were to ask me what I can tell him as a business partner, I would say: “Don’t ever stop, just continue doing what is right”. His remarkable persistence is guaranteed to make him soar above higher grounds, and be an inspiration to many. There is no doubt that a greater pathway to success in life awaits him.

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