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The capacity to translate what is merely seen as visions into reality is real leadership.

Johnathan Wong

There is a Way to Do It Better – FIND IT 

Johnathan Wong has two decades of involvement in the corporate and business environment in Malaysia. His vast network of human relationships with government and regulatory agencies, the Malaysian business community, sporting association, food and beverage sector and financial institutions at large; allowed JW SAB & PARTNERS to grow and thrive at a time when the pandemic and travel restrictions had brought the country to a standstill.

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Yes, We Can; Never Say NEVER

He found innovative ways for the firm to source new business opportunities. He found within his network of friends and alliances, dynamic individuals that he turned into his core team of professionals and experts; each bringing individual expertise from various professional and industry backgrounds. With this core team, he identified corporations that he could synergise with JW SAB & PARTNERS and make part of his stable of companies.

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Success Begins with Clear Intent, PURPOSE

Johnathan attributes his success to resilience and persistence, and to having a supportive spouse that encourages him to explore and pursue new opportunities. His wife, Sabrina oversees the day-to-day operations at JW SAB & PARTNERS and a chain of other establishments under their wings, giving him ample peace of mind to aggressively open new business channels.

As the saying goes, who you marry could be the key to your success, Sabrina has kept him sane, balanced and has been the pillar he counts on every day. This power couple has their root in Law, sparking good check and balance in providing holistic approaches to private individuals and companies alike. Not forgetting to mention his loving family, real friends, notable business partners and trusting clients.

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“When One is AUTHENTIC, One Invites the Right Ones”

The aggregate business value of JW SAB & PARTNERS as the umbrella and investment holding corporation currently housed in Menara Prestige, Kuala Lumpur, now covers a team of over 30 dynamic individuals and over 15 trusted panel partners; each providing our clients with expertise ranging from finance to law, fintech and digital technology to taxation, marketing and public relations to social media advertising and promotions, offshore investment banking and Fintech to SME debt restructuring and even lately; property development, fund management and private equity services, and trading and marketing, to name the least.

His motto is always, EVER ONWARDS.

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