He Who Kindle Dreams

Growth comes from nurturing those around you.

David Liew.K.M

Character Makes a Man

The truth about a person’s character is defined by his actions. That is the ideology that David Liew.K.M lives by. He may be enthusiastic by nature but takes his goals earnestly, demanding excellence in achieving them. Yet, despite that, he never negates his duty towards cultivating the talents of his associates by instilling them with functional values.

Image of David Liew planting

Good Connections Stem from Excellent Communication

A trademark of David’s is his pre-eminent ability to listen. He actively lends an ear to everyone around him, allowing them to express their feelings and ideas. For him, no thought is too big or detail too minuscule. He values all opinions and offers a helping hand in times of need. His attentiveness towards everyone highlights the magnitude of his personality.

Integrity is another value that David holds in high regard. When he gives his word, he will undeniably deliver. From his standpoint, carrying through on promises garners confidence and respect.

Team Image of David Liew

Success Stems from the Roots of Failure

David takes his failure in stride. He sees failure as an opportunity to learn rather than an obstacle that blocks his path. Naturally, there will always come a time when a decision made does not yield satisfactory results, but the mindset of facing such adversities is what makes David an elite in his field.

Team Image of David Liew

“Your Triumph is Our Trophy”

The stream of endless possibilities is what makes life so alluring. I am grateful for your selflessness to share these possibilities with us. We are all proud of how far you have come. Your success is likened to the sun; the brighter it burns, the more people it enlightens.

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