The Modern Chairbler

The task to the ‘good chair’ is never completely done with.

Benedick Chen Hau Cher

Devoted Observer

Looking at Benedick Chen Hau Cher’s accomplishments, one will never think he was formerly a shy and introverted individual. Despite his tendency to be in his own companionship or small groups, Benedick, best known as Ben, still outshone the mundane with his unwavering devotion and perseverance you won’t find among his peers.

Protrait Image of Benedick Chen Hau Cher and Shaun Tan Kien Seng

Calm Spirit

Stepping beyond your comfort zone and learning new skills requires confidence. Many, if not all entrepreneurs, including Ben, were put to the test during the pandemic. Ben had a goal in mind, and his natural capacity to work hard to attain it was the key to Alterseat (M) Sdn Bhd’s success. His hunger for achieving his goal and never drifting focus resulted in its massive surge in growth.

The million-dollar question is, how did he do it? Ben’s secret is unfazed, total concentration on the task at hand. He ensured clarity by being straightforward, genuine, and transparent with his employees. There is no hesitation in explanation or guidance when Ben teaches the role’s importance and contribution of its overall value.

Portrait Image of Benedick Chen Hau Cher

Observation Capitalises Inspiration

What makes Ben quite an inspiration to others is his capability to employ rational and critical thinking. He can quickly draw practical conclusions and provide helpful feedback by observing and analysing situations. Ben understands how his actions affect the company as a whole; thus, he makes sure that his decisions align with the organisation’s objectives and is held accountable for the outcomes. His valuable skills have contributed to much of Alterseat’s quarterly growth throughout the year. Ideally what makes Ben successful is his burning passion for growth, and desire to succeed in business.

Portrait Image of Benedick Chen Hau Cher and Shaun Tan Kien Seng

“The discontent man finds no easy chair”

The road to success isn’t always easy, but Ben is on the right track. He has a keen sense of the future and constantly pushes himself to achieve his dream. My wish to Ben is to remember to appreciate the journey rather than the destination. The experience will only happen once in your life, so enjoy it to the fullest!

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