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Yeow Liang Ming

Higher Ground Beats Common Ground

When it comes to reconciling differences in opinions, few are as diplomatic and tactful as Yeow Liang Ming, General Manager at Amcen Lab. After all, it is often a tall order to appease everyone when there are endless streams of conflicting viewpoints to consider. Yet, he is capable enough to create harmony by establishing common ground that resonates well with all. While Yeow is a well-trained, qualified chemist by profession, he is undoubtedly a natural entrepreneur and leader at heart.

Portrait Image of Yeow Liang Ming

Innovation as the Catalyst of Resurgence

As a professional chemist, Yeow is well-equipped with solid technical expertise in chemical and laboratory testing. This much-needed foundation complimented Amcen’s sturdy growth over the years. However, it is not without his innovation that truly spearheaded Amcen’s development.

Most notably, Amcen encountered a decline in sales during Covid. Yet under Yeow’s leadership, he managed to turn the tide to his favour by realigning Amcen’s business strategy to better suit market needs. The outcome was a doubling in sales, owing to a new product launched, Ambax Sanitizer.

Team Image of Yeow Liang Ming

Manifestation of an Inner Persona

Yeow’s traits as an entrepreneur are tangible. He is a man of action, driven by his passion for science and serving his stakeholders at large. There is certainly no lack of business acumen in him, as he can react fast to volatile situations with a plan and strategy.

Yeow is also a team player and leader, willing to spend time and effort with his employees, achieving group targets together while remaining perceptive to the obstacles they encounter. Ultimately, knowledge matters gravely to Yeow, and he is a firm believer that it helps shape him into the respectable leader he is today.

Company Image of Yeow Liang Ming

“Boundless Opportunities All Around”

For Yeow, the road up ahead is undoubtedly an exciting one, with more companies placing significant emphasis on quality certification to pursue a strong foothold in the market. His enthusiasm for the industry, coupled with his consistent team supervision, is something to cherish, and I thank him for significantly improving my quality of life and wisdom.

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