The Ceaseless Saviour

Real courage is doing the right thing where no one else would look.

Alex Teo Ling Song A.B.S.

An Unsung Hero

The hardship and dedication to serving society are not easy, especially for community leaders, when it is often a thankless job. The difficulties and sacrifices that they endure should always be given a tribute. Much is the case of Alex Teo Ling Song A.B.S., who has been serving his community for over 35 years, the Founder of Pusat Latihan Penyelamat Kelemasan and Excellence Swimming Academy.

Portrait Image of Alex Teo

Good Tidings Come to the Charitable

Alex’s success stems from his business model to help people. He has always been concerned about the lives of drowning and flood victims, as water safety is one of the many things that people take for granted. By creating programmes and classes to help with swimming and rescuing, Alex hopes that his efforts towards cultivating a generation of water savvy individuals will save many lives in the future.

As a righteous man, Alex believes that integrity is vital to the success of his business. He ensured that his programmes created value for every participant while constantly tweaking them for better improvement. These are the grounds that assured clients of their faith in him and trust in his services.

Image of Alex Teo educating the others


A fond memory took place a decade ago when Alex attended a training and examination course conducted on rescue and lifesaving. Typically, participants of these courses are often compelled by companies. Alex, however, took it up at his own want. This revolves around his practices of kaizen, the art of self-improvement. Having experienced his dedication first-hand is a tremendous inspiration to persist in serving the public.

Portrait Image of Alex Teo

“All About Saving Lives”

Between business and community service, the line is a fine one, but Alex has found the balance to make it work. I hope the magnanimous Alex will continue to benefit mankind and his days will be full of spring—his path always ceaseless.

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