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Wilson Cheng

Charismatic Personality and Radiant Persona

Always primed with an assuring beam, Wilson Cheng exudes an air of vibrancy besides radiating confidence to those who assemble within his presence. His genteel and demure personality will soothingly put one at ease which instinctively makes interaction with him a pleasant experience of sorts.

He is quick-witted, talented and possesses a plethora of mercantile experience, which he had vigilantly nurtured through the umpteen years of illustrious engagement in the realm of commerce and the corporate ambit. Embracing an innate caring and supportive temperament, he is always ready to composedly extend a helping hand whenever a need arises, be it with family, friends, associates or the laity. Wilson is manifestly an exceptional but endearing individual.

Work Portrait Image of Wilson Cheng

Prudence and Profound Foresight

Holding the fort as CEO of Pasaraya MM Sdn. Bhd. (MM), Wilson Cheng has to date, circumspectly coached this business entity and moulded it into a dynamic and progressive enterprise. Within a short span of 10 years since inception, Wilson managed to propel MM into a robust and dominant economic undertaking—posturing itself as an admirable player in the garments-attire-cum-fashion industry. He has tirelessly modelled MM with a diversity of novelty, originality and innovative freshness—fostering affordable ‘style and fashion’ as its cliché.

MM has established more than 45 outlets and is still actively counting. His resourceful ingenuity in shaping businesses under his purview has eminently transformed and escalated a rejuvenated stance in the fashion industry besides lending the industry an added sheen and savour. Besides MM, Wilson also occupies stewardship and invested substantial equity interests in two other related companies with the appointment to directorship. 

Company Image of Wilson Cheng

Anticipatory-cum-Avant-Garde Visionary

His belief, commitment and attentiveness to details and imbued in sheer commercial wisdom have always proven triumphant in everything he puts his mind to do. He attaches great credence to research and drives himself to delve into new horizons to acquaint with new technologies and inspirational insights—always exploring contemporary virtues to replace archaic, archetypical humdrum. His unwavering spirit of positivity has bestowed upon him the exceptional corporate berth that he continues to enjoy.

A staunch advocate of being ‘master of one’s destiny’, Wilson never cringes or capitulates when facing any headwinds. Instead, he views obstacles as new challenges—which are only limitations to the frail and meek. As the epitome of an inspiring and caring personality, he takes ample heed of all employees and staff under his beneficence and engages with all stakeholders in a genial and apposite deportment.

With such distinguished and astute uniqueness in his orbit, Wilson’s propensity to equitably evolve his corporate outfits into invariably stable, progressive and exemplary businesses is unquestionable. And as we inscribe this commentary, we are utterly convinced that Wilson Cheng will infinitely guide his assemblage of companies to greater heights of achievements in the years ahead. 

Group Image of Wilson Cheng
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