The Straight Arrow

Building genuine business bonds.

Steven Chew Kah Wai

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Steven Chew Kah Wai has instilled this value within CKY Recycle Plastic Sdn Bhd, his plastic manufacturing and recycling company. For Steven, a real person shows confidence in his services, ensuring trust towards his clients. He makes the impossible possible, openly communicating with clients what he can and cannot do and how to work around what he cannot do.

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The Bold Gets the Gold

Entrepreneurs have to be dauntless. Every decision involves risk; you win some, you lose some. Great entrepreneurs like Steven are willing to go big to reap more significant rewards. For example, Steven is willing to spend big when the inventory cost is low. Decisions like these take guts as overbuying will result in obsolete stock in the warehouse. However, Steven is confident that his team will come through, making the most out of the opportunity.

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Moulding Tomorrow

Steven believes that every individual has potential; the mindset determines if they achieve it. This philosophy has helped his staff think creatively and build character. He does not spoon-feed his team, often encouraging them to rake their minds to develop their own sales techniques. Only when it does not work will Steven step in and guide them. He provides the chance for his staff to grow; it is up to them if they would like to take it.

The fondest moment of Steven is when he is guiding. He puts munificent effort when it comes to giving advice. Always patient and never discourages, Steven had led many to step out of their comfort zone to grasp their own chances. He taught the most valuable lesson that opportunities can arise from the vainest of areas.

Portrait Image of Steven Chew

“Authenticity is your virtue”

The frank nature of Steven has always drawn people in. If he says he will do something, he will do it. As the most genuine person I know, I wish him neverending opportunities and strength to build stronger connections with the people around him.

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