A Peculiar Book

Beauty isn't skin deep; it breathes through mind, heart, and soul.

Hemala AP Sivam

All That Gold Does Glitter

One should never judge a book by its cover, for appearances can often be misleading. In some cases, it can be the opposite and for Hemala AP Sivam, what you see is what you get. Charming, amicable and graceful, she is as true to her character as her looks. A book whose beauty is as attractive as it seems.

Image of Hemala Paramasalam with Board of Directors

Touching Hearts

As remarkable as her dazzling personality, what leaves people starstruck is Hemala’s unique communication skills and ability to empathise with any character, even the most peculiar ones. This stems from her burning desire to understand her people’s motivations, hopes, dreams, and woes to forge a deep personal connection. A master in weaving the art of emotional intelligence, Hemala uses it in the best way possible to bring out the best of anyone. Nudging them with subtle care and guidance, she encourages her people that they are ever ready to take a step forward and go the extra mile.

Portrait Image of Hemala Paramasalam

Always in Command of Thyself

The path of entrepreneurship is a harsh one, one that you don’t walk alone in life. There are people who are with you and people who would just spectate. To ensure the road leads to success, Hemala knows well that she must stay in control of herself and make good relations with either kind. Hemala takes to reign in any crisis, taking complete responsibility.

One such case was when there was a production situation due to heavy orders. Pressured from each side, it was an ill moment of panic for the company. Hemala shone through with her level-headedness to remain calm and focused as she took matters into her own hands, making peace with staff and the situation. This prowess to keep a serene aura proves that you’ll find it easier to deal with things once you have control of yourself—the driving factor to Hemala’s triumph.

Company Image of Hemala Paramasalam

“Thank you for motivating us”

I sincerely thank Hemala for showing us that we are capable of doing so much more at our job as well as in life. She has a flair for uplifting and empowering people, which I am most certain, is her superpower.

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