Lighting the Path

A small conversation can make a very great change start in strangers miles apart.

Georg Chmiel

Beneath the Surface

Most of the time, our first impression of someone is often not accurate. That was definitely the case with Georg Chmiel. A tall, sharp-looking man with a solemn look, you’d assume he was a tad too strict to connect with right away! He, on the other hand, was the polar opposite. His vibrant personality pours through as soon as he speaks, and just like that, the true Georg will get you hooked.

Group Image of Georg Chmiel

The Domino Effect

Endearingly sweet, Georg places high importance on his employees’ worth and their self-realisation of it. How does he do this? Through a swift creation of an open-door policy in the company. Interacting with each and everyone, Georg is able to take a step forward to achieve his primary purpose; realising his people’s life and professional dreams. Thus, he gives plenty of chances to ask and appreciate each in turn.

With acute self-awareness, Georg can confidently lead and convey his genuine enthusiasm and devotion, evident in how he conducts his company. His honesty and dependability are noteworthy, and as a result, employees trust him. The members are inspired to be their best versions and always aim for greatness, no matter how low they think of themselves. The way Georg unintentionally built a work environment based on loyalty and trust is astonishing.

Portrait Image of Georg Chmiel


The brightest star in the sky and the best word to describe Georg. Never a dull moment around, his self-confidence and outgoing personality set him apart from the rest. Like bees to blossoms, Georg can mobilise a team to a singular shared goal. He has a clear vision set in his sight and tangible steps laid out to make the dream a reality. By offering a clear direction and well-defined reasoning of present decisions correlating to the future, Georg strums his people’s core in positive thrums.

Group Image of Georg Chmiel

“Grateful for the opportunity”

True leaders paved the way for not only their own but others’ success. By sharing his experience, Georg has given many the opportunity to grow and develop, significantly impacting the industry. I would like to express my gratitude to Georg for the chance to work alongside him and be part of the community that has put Malaysia on the world map.

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