Amber Chia

Amber Chia

The glass ceiling is hard to crack, much less to breakthrough. Amber Chia however, shows that with enough style, finesse and grace, one can shoot up into the limelight. 

The winner of the Guess Watches Timeless Beauty International Model Search 2004 title, Amber is not only known for her staggering looks but also for being the world’s first Asian model to triumph at global model searches. 

Spanning over 15 years of experience as a model, actress, and brand ambassador, she had built herself a formidable reputation. One that was further substantiated when she was selected by renowned designer Victoria Beckham to present her collection on the New York Fashion Week. Despite being a global celebrity, Amber did not let the fame get to her. 

What catapult her to success is her humility and diligence. Coming from a less fortunate family, Amber knew that nothing in life comes without a price tag. Through sheer hard work, she has graced over 200 magazine covers, endorse 30 brands, and catwalk on runways of different continents. 

It was, however, not enough for Amber. With a burning passion to revolutionize modeling, makeup techniques, and nail art statements, Amber established her own modeling and beauty school, Amber Chia Academy. 

A symbol of women empowerment, Amber Chia plans to strut the industry to a whole new platform, truly a person to look out for.

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