Matthew Yap

Matthew Yap

A Group Director of Affirm Plus Properties, Matthew Yap Chee Wei is a remarkable leader who had brought many changes to the company. All of his notable successes however, have roots in rejection.

Armed with a microelectronic engineering degree, Matthew had zero knowledge when he first started out in the property industry. Facing a number of setbacks with no results to his efforts, despair was looming over his head. Nevertheless, Matthew did not yield.

Matthew’s key to success is his sheer determination. Instead of giving up, he pushes forward, willing to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to turn the situation around. 

Seeing no other option than succeeding, he uses his failures as lessons and pick himself back up to keep going. His efforts were soon paid off, Matthew now having many doors open for him. 

Matthew’s success was a direct result of the resilience he had built and cultivated from countless rejections throughout the 12 years. A man of admirable leadership and grit, Matthew will lead his team to greater heights.

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