K. Anandraj

K. Anandraj

18 years of experience in the insurance and unit trust industry, K. Anandraj has been shining glimmers of hope on many people’s lives, offering the best financial assistance he could give to those in trying times. 

An inspirational leader, Anandraj is not your typical financial planner. A determined go-getter from the start, his ambitious find-a-way attitude got him a unique approach to clients. 

Unlike other insurance agents, Anandraj is very particular about his customer’s health. Very customer-centric, he would spare his time and effort to provide plans that would correlate with the best interest of their wellbeing.

He is a firm believer that customer engagement is the essential core of a successful entrepreneurial career, putting much consideration and thought to every action suggested. This caring nature of his had earned him much respect from the public.

Ever so hungry to prove himself, Anandraj is also career and goal-driven. To brush the peaks of success, he worked hard to build his skills throughout the years. It paid off with the achievements he had snagged under his name as his persuasiveness and broad product delivery knowledge grow. 

Anandraj continues to carve his triumph in the industry, a man of remarkable gumption and unbridled enthusiasm.

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