Ernest Kok

Ernest Kok

The mastermind behind C2 Creative Group’s success is none other than the founder, Ernest Kok. He is a man who has an expansive knowledge and experience in the advertising communication field. 

Thriving in the creative branding and property advertising section, Ernest has showcased his creative flair for many clients throughout Malaysia and abroad. Ernest’s acquired expertise through experience in various fields such as design, film, and branding had allowed him to build a branding powerhouse for real estate property developers.

He is a man of many talents, specializing in interactive and communication design, directing, and advertising. His remarkable skills were also due to his tutelage under the renowned John Gillard, one of the best UK had in advertising. 

Leading his group through the competitive industry, C2 Creative Group has gained several recognitions and achievements. With a strong imagination and dedication, coupled together with his boldness to push limits, Ernest will surely soar to greater heights, creating new ideas that go beyond the practical boundaries.

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