Alex Chong

Alex Chong

Alex Chong is the Group Director of Affirm Plus and Founder of ACG Group. He first embarked on the path of success as a sub-sales real estate negotiator, accumulating 15 years’ worth of experience in the property industry. 

Throughout the years, Alex had used his time to hone his skills that are the contributing factor to his success. His success derives from his ability to light a fire under his team, invigorating them to flourish into result-oriented achievers. 

Through his passionate leadership, Alex had given birth to many rising stars. Many among his group have claimed numerous significant recognition achievements, from titles ranging Top Rookie to the Top Producer, along with even Top Project. Members have even made a commission of RM600,000 in a year due to his nurturing guidance. 

With Alex’s affable leadership and enthusiasm, the industry could look forward to a brighter future with more prominent talents.

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