Loke Chee Wai

Loke Chee Wai

Loke Chee Wai is an astounding business leader with extensive experience in marketing, advertising, and graphic design. 

Chee Wai’s career blossomed in his early 20s, specializing in the merchant loyalty program. He was previously appointed as the General Manager of Property King magazine before he came upon his true calling. 

Gravitating toward what truly ignites him, he took the world by storm with the establishment of a full-fledged service company, Seeder International Sdn Bhd.

His drive to be on the top of the food chain is what is inspirational. Aligning his driving force with the dynamic nature of his business, he flew above his station, leading numerous teams and configured many local-to-global collaborations with leading developers and property agencies. 

Chee Wai is an extraordinary leader who managed to pull through and build an inspiring brand for millennials. He was recognized by the Elegante Muse International with the Grandeur International Business Award 2017/2018. 

With enough hunger for success, Chee Wai had shown that one can unlock an extraordinary life and win big on their own terms.

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