Ken Teo

Ken Teo

The mastermind behind the howling success of LOOKHere is Ken Teo, the Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia’s largest residential advertising agency. 

A visualizer, Ken believes that a change is needed in the advertising world. In an economy where only the big companies can spare in advertising, he had wanted to create a solution for the SMEs. 

This comes in the form of residential advertising. He believes that a broader target market could be reach through the residential areas as people are more likely to stop and smell the roses in the comfort of their homes.

Branching themselves from the norms of advertising, LOOKHere had started gaining recognition from the community. Under Ken’s leadership, they had delivered many impressive presentations known for its dynamic and visualizing effect. 

He nurtures his personnel to be the best of the best in the industry, and it is only the beginning. Ever growing, LOOKHere plans to show even better results in the future to come.

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