Jeff Chin

Jeff Chin

Held as a well-known celebrity among the community, Jeff Chin is a formal Chinese announcer of the radio industry. A well-built career as an My FM radio DJ, Jeff first came upon this path 18 years ago. 

Through this opportunity, he had flown above his station, establishing himself vastly through many forms of media. The famed DJ had tried his hand on acting in TV dramas and movies, even hosting TV and many social along with corporal events. 

A highly affable individual who possesses a natural charm at easing people in his presence with his amicable personality and conversational ability, he soon attracted a large fanbase and numerous accomplishments to his name. 

One of them being the Highest Listenership for Chinese Radio Breakfast Programs of 2011. It had led him to get multiple love calls from many well-known brands, eventually becoming a brand ambassador for those products on advertisements, events, and social media. 

Despite his howling success and hard built reputation in the announcer field, Jeff gave it all up in 2017. 

To realize his dream, he started his own marketing company, Socialmex. Embarking down his new path as an entrepreneur, the road was hard from the get-go. Jeff, however, was anything but reluctant. 

Using his vast experience across different industries, he paved his way into the market, accumulating several successes to his company, such as the BRANDLAUREATE Prominent Brand Award 2018. 

A well-respected leader whose most admirable traits are his passion, diligence, and buoyancy, Jeff aims to raise influencer marketing to a whole new level.

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