Ian Lau

Ian Lau

A highly habile individual, Ian Lau’s rise to success came from a mixture of hard work, natural intelligence, and a ton of pertinacity.

Ian first began his pursuit to the path of success as Trainee Manager of Lafarge Concrete Malaysia. 6 years in Lafarge, he had honed his skills that became his contributing factor to triumph. With exceptional managerial skills, Ian was recognized as a Junior with high potential, procuring several promotions to his achievements.

He was given the responsibility of numerous positions throughout his career, Area Manager, Procurement Manager, Operation Manager, and even a Business Development Manager. He had also established a supply chain for Ranbuild Malaysia.

With an ambitious streak, Ian’s attitude had led him higher, going through a variety of entrepreneurial ventures. He blazed through his path to success, co-founding Malaysia’s largest online golf shop; Golf4U Malaysia. With Lan as the Managing Director, he had steed the company to newer frontiers, more significant market penetration.

This remarkable leader is highly capable, entrusted with a $10 Million Joint-venture which he sees through and earned himself the Director position of Aqua Matters Pte Ltd. A never-ending thirst to go further, Ian had also become the Honorary Treasurer of Tampines Rovers FC, the largest professional football club in Singapore.

With a man of such affable leadership and enthusiasm, the business world could only hold their breath in silent anticipation of what Ian would accomplish next.

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