Dato' Lim Kian Yu

Dato' Lim Kian Yu

An alumnus of the University Deakin, Melbourne, Australia with a Bachelor in Human Resources, Dato’ Lim Kian Yu first began his career in the development and construction division. 

After much progression, Dato’ Kian was realized for his talents and put at the helm for the hospitality segment, as the reigning Chief Executive Officer of Geno Hotel since 2016. With the substantial responsibility of Chief Executive Officer weighing on his shoulders, Dato’ Kian did not disappoint. 

Running the whole facets of the business, Dato’ Kian has shown his leadership and capabilities to supervise all departments, ranging from sales and marketing, public relation, finance, human resources, and overall hotel operations.

His sharp insight and dedication have also aid in the management of both rooms and overall food and beverage outlets. As a leader spearheading the management team, Dato’ Kian’s involved in daily operation with each department. He had contributed to the increase in productivities and growth, along with a reduction of stagnation. 

Dato’ Kian is a leader who is committed with an unwavering will and emerging ambition in inspiring business strategies to further bring Geno Hotel to a greater height.

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