Ami Chan

Ami Chan

A humble woman from Pahang, Ami Chan, is an energetic individual who strives high to improve herself further. The founder of Wawasan Toplife Business Partner with Buss Allianz, Ami is a leader both praised for her sincerity and friendly nature. 

Armed with excellent social skills, Ami possessed a natural talent in easing people in her presence with her easygoing attitude and conversational ability. Her nurturing care to help those around her had also won many hearts, earning numerous admirers of her genuine disposition.

She is a hard worker who believes in constant improvement, attending many courses and seminars to increase her knowledge to help people with financial troubles further. With grace and sheer determination, she had come a long way from what was once a one-person team to what it is now, with many promising talents under her wings. 

Ami’s vast knowledge and confidence had assured many of her passion for further improving the lives of society.

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Photo of Benedick Chen Hau Cher in black shirt and suit at his office desk with a light gray background
Emerging Leader of the Year

Benedick Chen Hau Cher │ Leadership Excellence Awards 2020/21

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