Dato' Chris Lo

Dato' Chris Lo

Before Dato’ Christopher Lo Wee made a name for himself among the entrepreneurs who reach the height of success, Dato’ Christopher begin with no clue on what his drive would be. 

Dato’ Christopher was a job hopper before he came upon his true calling, events. His genuine love and compassion for events became his breadcrumbs of life. A man of belief in doing what he loves and in turn loving what he does, he established his own event company. 

An affable man, Dato’ Christopher is well versed with production background and client servicing. He took part in the majority of an event preparations, from the metal works down to the videography.

With his ambition of being the leading market leader of the field, he had earned numerous accomplishments throughout the years, such as the Guinness World Records for the most Dancing Dragon Gathering event. 

An entrepreneur to the core, he had also invested in other businesses, owning two dance clubs, a Japanese restaurant, confinement center, and a car workshop. 

In spite of his peak in success, Dato’ Christopher did not forget his humbleness. Conducting charity drives and philanthropy acts, Dato’ Christopher teaches one must be thankful for what they have and in turn repay to the society.

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