Datin Jessica Tong

Datin Jessica Tong

A woman who exudes confidence, charm and beauty, Datin Jessica Tong is the envy of many working women today. A successful career lady, Datin Jessica had many qualities a woman would want. 

The editor-in-chief of Asia Success Inc. Branding Magazine, many would have assumed that her life was laid out for her. However, successful did not fall into her grips as easily as one would think.

Datin Jessica had endured many challenges throughout her career with hard work and perseverance. A strong believer that improvement of oneself would only come with effort, her grit to make the best version of herself is admirable. 

With the weight of balancing her work and personal life, Datin Jessica is always striving to improve her knowledge to be able to contribute back to society. Datin Jessica is a shining example of a role model for many aspiring female entrepreneurs.

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