YM Tengku Datin Nuzaheran Tengku Hisham

YM Tengku Datin Nuzaheran Tengku Hisham

For the longest of time, men have been the dominator and controller of the business world, which also rings true in Malaysia. It is hardly seen that a woman would hold highly-coveted roles of leadership and entrepreneurship that seem to come so easily to men. 

However, with the rise of influential women like YM Tengku Datin Nurzaheran Tengku Hisham, came the launch of a whole new era for businesswomen. 

Datin Nurzaheran is an exemplary embodiment of female empowerment, a true entrepreneur who charter into unknown territories unabashedly and fearlessly. Through her journey to the peak of success, she had set many benchmarks in the industry.

With her vast knowledge and experience, she had held numerous of positions in companies of a diversity of fields. Her acute business senses had led her to heed a furniture manufacturer, an educational institute, and even a finance corporate. 

A woman of high calibre, she is a dynamic leader with a level-headed approach. Under Datin Nurzaheran’s leadership, she had spearheaded Oxford United Sdn Bhd and Infiniti Jewels Creation Sdn Bhd to unfathomable heights. 

Proceeding any task that came her way with gumption and unbridled enthusiasm, Datin Nurzaheran scripts her own success story in today’s new age world.

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